presented by The Savannah College of Art & Design

Dec 4 - 20, 2013
M Building, Miami

Wendy White’s “CURVA” takes its exhibition name from the Italian word for soccer stadium, specifically the section that houses the most fervent fans. White’s work harnesses the energy of the sport, combining multiple painted canvases with sculptural elements and site-specific installation pieces. Graffiti, text and bold colors contribute to the works’ distinct aesthetic, which feels strangely like cheering on a game from afar. “Her paintings have a presence the reminds one of billboards and websites, something at once physical and disembodied,” Jerry Saltz wrote of White’s work, capturing her ability to translate everyday images into the stuff of fine art.  —Huffington Post

In honor of its 35thanniversary, the Savannah College of Art and Design presents CURVA, a solo exhibition of recent works by Wendy White at The MBuilding in the Wynwood Art District during Art Basel Miami Beach. White has garnered international acclaim for large-scale paintings and installations that merge painting, sculpture, and architecture. The title, CURVA, is an Italian term for the section of soccer stadium seating where the most fervent fans, or Ultràs, sit. The exhibition will comprise works from White’s 3-stripe, Multiple-canvas, and PVC series, highlighting her ability to distill text-based symbology into both complex palimpsests and hybrid constructs.  Thee installation will center on the concepts of fandom and rivalry in professional soccer as they relate to both political and national identities.