Double Vanity

April 30 - June 13, 2015
Sherrick & Paul, Nashville

The installation at Sherrick & Paul—in part a commentary on the social structures of domesticity that create hybrid masculine/feminine spaces—speaks to the ways in which private environments are shaped (and divided) by their inhabitants’ degree of comfort with one another. The gallery’s design, split in two by a freestanding central wall, inspired White to hone the collection to heighten that duality. The exhibition includes a combination of small and large-scale paintings, figurative images with text, and a new ink jet printed textile that reads as tapestry, its texture created with layers of paint and handwork, informed by White’s years in textile design. Though each piece contains layers of paint and materials, the thinness of their application and the color palettes White chooses give them a ghostly quality that conveys lightness rather than heaviness, allowing the viewer to see the multiple dimensions present, even on flat surfaces.