June 8, 2021 
"Wendy White: Mark + Phil" by Johanna Fateman

July 29, 2016

"Wendy White:
Santa Cruz" by Martha Schwendener

May 2009
"Provisional Painting" by Raphael Rubinstein

October 2008
"Wendy White: Autokennel" by Suzanne Hudson

May 10, 2010
"Wendy White: Up w/Briquette," by Jerry Saltz

March 10, 2020
"Welcome to the Armory Fair. It’s Huge. It’s Hectic. Would You Like an Audio Guide?" by Brian Boucher

October 1, 2012
"Wendy White" by EJ Hauser

Nov/Dec 2010
"Wendy White" by Anne Schwartz

February 2021
"Julia Wachtel and Wendy White: Airlok or Gazing into the Void"

July 28, 2008
"Wendy White: Autokennel" by Jerry Saltz

March 5, 2021
"Julia Wachtel and Wendy White: Airlok or Gazing into the Void" by Mark Jenkins

June 20, 2016
"Wendy White: Santa Cruz" by Adam Lehrer

July 10, 2014
"Spray it Loud" by Michael Sienske

July 13, 2022
"Wendy White Puts Painting in its Place" by Abraham Storer

June 2016
"Wendy White: Santa Cruz" by Howard Halle

June 25, 2018
"The World's Game: Futbol and Contemporary Art at Pérez Art Museum"

February 12, 2021
"Come Collect Your 1-Up from Julia Wachtel and Wendy White's New Show" by Annie Armstrong

May 15, 2015
"10 Picks from NADA 2015" by Rachel Small

October 28, 2018
"Wendy White: Natural Light" by B. David Zarley

September 23, 2012
Wendy White: Pix Vää" by John Yau

September 2015
"Where Man Caves and Mirrors Meet" by Jason Stopa

Feb/March 2015
"Wendy White, 12th Man: An Exclusive Portfolio"

Spring 2015
"New Establishment: Wendy White" by Emily Steer